About Us

Discover Nine Yards Elevating Experiences in Villa Living

We are truly dedicated to delivering exceptional hospitality, our commitment to excellence shapes every aspect of our operations, creating warm and memorable experiences for our guests.

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Discover Nine Yards Elevating Experiences in Villa Living

Welcome to Nine Yards, your gateway to premium villas and expert villa management services. Based in Ubud and with a network spanning various regions in Bali, we are a team of dedicated hospitality enthusiasts committed to delivering exceptional property management solutions. At Nine Yards, we redefine excellence, ensuring that each villa in our care receives unparalleled attention and service, setting a new standard for luxury living in Bali.


Excellence in Every Project Nine Yards' Commitment to Quality

Nine Yards is dedicated to delivering quality projects and aims to be the premier property management company in the region. Our commitment to superior service, products, and professionalism drives our efficient operations, ensuring sustained growth and industry leadership. Join us at Nine Yards, where excellence meets innovation in property management.


Your Ultimate Property Solution Nine Yards, Where Excellence Meets Service

Passionate about hospitality, Nine Yards is your ultimate one-stop property solution. With over 100 villas under our care across Bali, our highly qualified team is committed to delivering professional, personalized services. Trust Nine Yards to be your dedicated partner for all your property needs.